Overweight Permits

Download an Overweight Permit Application:

Please click the link below for the Overweight Permit Application.

When completed, you may fax it to (708) 579-6712.

Alternately, it may be emailed to: [email protected]

Please consider this form your invoice for $100.00.

Overweight Permit Application

Sex Offenders

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Sex Offenders, please contact our Administration Office during normal business hours at 708-352-4623.

The Hodgkins Police Department maintains registered sex offender information for residents of Hodgkins. The registry consists of a photo of the Convicted Sex Offender, the date of birth of the offender, current address and the offense that was committed. Public viewing is allowed for all registered sex offenders during normal business hours.

Please use the link below to check the Illinois State Police Database for registered sex offenders. This link will provide you with the Illinois State Police Sex Offender Registry. You can then search the database by name, city or zip code.