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24-HOUR DISPATCH (708) 352-4476
OFFICE (708) 352-4623
24-HOUR DISPATCH (708) 352-4476
OFFICE (708) 352-4623
24-HOUR DISPATCH (708) 352-4476
OFFICE (708) 352-4623
Police Department

Mission Statement

The Hodgkins Police Department is dedicated to protecting and serving the residents of and the citizens within our community. Our officers will be professional in their activities and compassionate to the needs of the public. With distinguished leadership, the Hodgkins Police Department will continually strive for excellence in all areas. The continued training, upgrading of equipment, policies and procedures, along with our officers working together will allow protection and service to our community at a constant superior level.

The Hodgkins Police Department is dedicated to excellence in police services and protection.

Chief Millsap

Ernest E. Millsap
Chief of Police

Welcome to the Hodgkins Police Department website. Our Department prides itself in serving the Village of Hodgkins. It is our mission and goal to create a safe environment for our residents and visitors. The Hodgkins Police Department strives to provide first-rate, professional services to the Village while continuing to be vigilant toward crime. We are dedicated to providing a pro-active, cooperative approach to delivering these services to our Community.
Chief Millsap
Currently the Department consists of 21 employees who serve and protect a community of 1500 residents.
Village of Hodgkins
HODGPD police

Patrol Operations

If you have any concerns or questions contact Lt. Mike Cimino at the Hodgkins Police Department

The Patrol Division performs traffic safety programs such as “Click it or ticket” seatbelt enforcement areas, D.U.I. saturation patrols and checkpoints with state grants for these programs provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation.
The Patrol Division has been designed to reach out, connect, and work with our community. We have developed a style of community policing that could best be described as a partnership, that is unique to the Village of Hodgkins. At the foundation of this partnership is a strategy that relies on a supportive and involved community and a commitment between the police department and the community we serve.
Police insignia
Police insignia


To Contact Our Investigations Lieutenant or Detectives:

Call 708-352-4623

Investigations Officers

Lt. Jeff Keilman

Detective Sgt. Mike Bennett

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HODGPD Investigations
HODGPD Investigations
HODGPD Investigations

The Investigation Division of the Hodgkins Police Department is responsible for the investigation of criminal activity in the Village of Hodgkins. This includes the following up on all crimes which are reported to the Department as well as the proactive work needed to combat criminal activity which may not be reported such as drug, gang and vice (prostitution, gambling etc.).

Our detectives work closely with other law enforcement agencies and is a primary conduit of information exchange with local, county, state and federal agencies as well as local task forces like M.C.A.T., Major Case Assistance Team.

In addition, the Investigation Division works closely with both the Patrol and Youth Divisions not only to accomplish its tasks but also to help the other divisions accomplish theirs. Another function of the Investigation Division is that of crime prevention. Detectives give presentations to citizen groups, local businesses and schools on a variety of topics like Community Watch Program, Anti-Gang, Anti-Drug, Financial Crimes, Senior Citizen Safety and many others.

Youth Division

HODGPD Youth Division

Thanks for visiting the Hodgkins Police Department website. Lt. Mike Cimino is the Supervisor of the Youth Division. You can reach Lt. Cimino at:

Here at the Youth Division, we are proud to say that we take a proactive approach to today’s youth by working very closely with Hodgkins Elementary School. Throughout the school year we offer several youth oriented programs held at the school such as DARE, Anti-Gang Day, and the annual Safety Day.

The Youth Division takes the lead in ALICE School Safety Training, a joint training conducted by law enforcement with personnel at schools, local businesses, and houses of worship in preparatory anticipation of active shooters and other violent critical incidents. This teaches proactive safety and response tactics to citizens, to give them options when faced with an aggressive intruder or active shooter in order to increase their chances of survival.

The Youth Division is also responsible for taking the lead in gang crime enforcement. In addition to our enforcement efforts we offer Gang Awareness presentations, which assist the public in identifying gang members and their activities. These presentations are offered upon request to parent groups, schools, community organizations and local businesses.

Each year, the Youth Division also participates in the Shop With A Cop holiday program, and assists with the Coffee For Champions fundraiser for the Special Olympics. For questions about this fundraiser, you may contact Sgt. Ryan Carrasquillo at

It is the Youth Division’s goal to maintain a professional and dedicated division that can pro-actively serve our youth and community.

“Tell Me and I Will Forget, Teach Me and I Will Remember, Involve Me and I Will Learn”

– Benjamin Franklin

HODGPD Youth Division
HODGPD Youth Division 2

Youth Division Officers

Lieutenant Mike Cimino
Officer Matt Hosteny
Officer Claralicia Torres
Officer Desmond Handson
Officer Ruben Rodriguez
Officer Allan Mills
Officer Rocco Giannelli

DARE photo

D.A.R.E. envisions a world in which students everywhere are empowered to respect others and choose to lead lives free from violence, substance use, and other dangerous behaviors.

These role models speak to the students about the dangers of drugs in high school as well as the positive activities they can become involved in at school.

For more information about the DARE program please feel free to contact the Hodgkins Police Department at
708-352-4623 or

Welcome to the Hodgkins Police D.A.R.E. page. D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. The program is designed to teach students about the dangers and misuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. The students also learn different techniques to say no to drugs and ways to be in charge. Also during the year they learn the DARE decision-making model, which helps them make good choices.

During the year the students learn about positive alternatives and activities. Some of the activities the students participate in are raking leaves for seniors, decorating a tree in honor of the Village of Hodgkins at Brookfield Zoo’s Holiday Magic. They also go on several field trips during the year such as Fright Night at Great America, Chicago Blackhawk’s game, and a Chicago White Sox baseball game.

The students in the past have had several fundraisers to support various good causes including Village of Hodgkins food pantry, St. Cletus food pantry, Hephzibah Home for abused children, Kawasaki Disease Research Fund, and Children’s Memorial Hospital just to name a few. At the end of the year the students get to meet former DARE students who are now in high school who come to class to act as Role Models.

These role models speak to the students about the dangers of drugs in high school as well as the positive activities they can become involved in at school.