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Mission Statement

The mission of the Hodgkins Police Department is to honorably protect life and property, and to serve all members of our community with professionalism and dedication.

  • Honor: A good name or reputation. To be honorable is to be characterized by integrity and guided by a keen sense of duty.
  • Professionalism: the conduct or qualities that characterize, define or mark a profession.
  • Dedication: Self-sacrificing devotion and loyalty.


Joseph D. Klotz
Chief of Police

[email protected]

Welcome to the Hodgkins Police Department website. Our Department prides itself in serving the Village of Hodgkins. It is our and goal to create a safe environment for our residents and visitors. The Hodgkins Police Department strives to provide professional services to the Village while continuing to be vigilant toward crime. We are dedicated to a pro-active, cooperative approach to delivering these services to our Community.

The Administrative Division is responsible for policy review, enforcing policy and procedure within the department, internal investigations, personnel management, as well as managing the day-to-day operations.

In addition to these areas, the Administrative Lieutenant is in charge of all things technological, statistical, and related to facilities management. This means making sure all the department computers, radios, and other police equipment are functioning properly; keeping accurate department statistics regarding things like calls for service, arrests, and citations so the department can better understand what is happening in our community, and appropriately respond to trends in crime.

As supervisor of the Elder Care Division, the Administrative Lieutenant is also responsible for coordinating law enforcement services provided to the senior citizen community in Hodgkins. This includes managing the life alert and Knox box distribution programs. The Administrative Lieutenant also serves as the liaison to Aging Well, attends Aging Well meetings, and develops informational and educational programs geared toward senior citizens.

The Administrative Division is currently commanded by ADM LT Mike Cimino, [email protected].