Juvenile Division

Thanks for visiting the Hodgkins Police Department website. INV LT Jeff Keilman is the Supervisor of the Juvenile Division. You can reach INV LT Keilman: [email protected]

We are proud to take a proactive approach to today’s youth by working very closely with Hodgkins Elementary School. Throughout the school year we offer several youth-oriented programs held at the school such as DARE, Anti-Gang Day, and the annual Safety Day.

“Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn”
– Benjamin Franklin

The department holds ALICE School Safety Training. This is a joint training conducted by law enforcement with personnel at schools, local businesses, and houses of worship in preparatory anticipation of active shooters and other violent critical incidents. This teaches proactive safety and response tactics to citizens, to give them options when faced with an aggressive intruder or active shooter in order to increase their chances of survival.

In addition to our enforcement efforts the department offers Gang Awareness presentations, which assist the public in identifying gang members and their activities. These presentations are offered upon request to parent groups, schools, community organizations and local businesses.

Each year, the Juvenile Division also participates in the Shop With A Cop holiday program, and assists with the Coffee For Champions fundraiser for the Special Olympics. For questions about this fundraiser, you may contact PTL LT Ryan Carrasquillo at [email protected].

It is the Juvenile Division’s goal to maintain a professional and dedicated division that can pro-actively serve our youth and community.

Juvenile Division Officers

INV LT Jeff Keilman
OFC Matt Hosteny
OFC Claralicia Torres
OFC Desmond Handson
OFC Ruben Rodriguez
OFC Allan Mills
OFC Rocco Giannelli

These role models speak to the students about the dangers of drugs in high school as well as the positive activities they can become involved in at school.

For more information about the DARE program please feel free to contact the Hodgkins Police Department at
708-352-4623 or
[email protected]